Meet the artist...

Hello! I am a self-taught artist from South Carolina, proud Marine spouse, and mama to two girls. We currently live in Fort Worth, TX!

Growing up, I was always very interested in art, staying in the lines, and making sure my masterpiece was “perfect!” My, oh my how things have changed!!

I attended Clemson University where I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Health Science and a concentration in Health Promotion and Education. I love fitness and helping others find their healthiest selves, but I longed for my artistic side to come back!

After college, I began painting again for my own home, then for family and friends. Now I am happy to share my love for painting with others nationwide! I always say that I'm an accidental artist - because I never have had any formal training...but the best part of painting, to me, is sitting down with a paint brush, paint and pallet knife and seeing where the colors lead me. That is what makes art, ART!

I love abstracts and lowcountry landscapes - the colors make me feel at home in the South! I am always learning, growing and trying new things. Commissions are also open - so if you're looking for something special, please reach out! Thanks for stopping by!!

Art is therapy - hands down, and there’s something to be said about a piece of happiness you can look at every day on your walls. - Me!