We are a military family...and it's time to move! We are heading to South Carolina over the next few months, and look forward to making new connections and meeting new collectors there!
All artwork will still be available on my website, however I am taking break from painting for a few months while we pack and move.
If you would like to purchase a piece of art, you are more than welcome to. Just know I won't be able to ship any artwork past May 1st, 2024. I will be able to ship again in July.
Thank you so much for understanding, and for your support!!
xoxo Mary Bradlee

About the artwork:

Mary Bradlee uses acrylic and mixed media on canvas, canvas boards and acrylic paper. She loves gold, and often incorporates hints of gold in her pieces. She also frames a lot of her work in rich, gold frames...because why not? Gold makes everything better!

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